healthcare.govThe administration's 36-state-and-growing health insurance website is undergoing a makeover for the umpteenth time and will now see many of its functions hosted in the cloud by, according to the Wall Street Journal.

Among other changes, will feature a new application for insurance and a new comparison tool for weighing plan options.

The changes were announced during a slide show hosted by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) this past week.

"We're all going to be nervous until Nov, 15," Shaun Greene, chief operating officer of Utah-based Arches Health Plan, told the Wall Street Journal. "There is no wiggle room. They're on a very tight time frame." He and other industry executives said they were concerned about how will handle consumers who are renewing coverage. "The re-enrollment process is what scares me," he said.

CMS officials labeled the revamp as comprising only "adjustments," however.