The National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) for the first time in the agency’s history recently conducted a trial examination of a witness via international videoconferencing.  NLRB Region 20 in San Francisco worked with employees of the US Embassy in Madrid, Spain, to facilitate the transmission of the testimony.  Prior to this week’s testimony, all previous use of video conferencing of NLRB witnesses has occurred domestically.

The case is against EF International Language Schools Inc., in which the NLRB contends that an employee was fired after engaging in protected concerted activity (PCA) by discussing the terms and conditions of her employment with a fellow employee.  The witness, a former employee who now resides in Spain, provided corroborating testimony regarding the employer’s policies and discussions with the discharged employee.   

The witness testified at the US Embassy in Madrid, pursuant to an order of Associate Chief Administrative Law Judge Gerald Etchingham permitting such testimony.   Administrative Law Judge Mary Cracraft presided at the hearing.