On June 30th, 2022, the U.S. Department of Labor’s (DOL’s) Wage and Hour Division (WHD) launched an employee Timesheet app for Android devices. Specifically, the app allows employers to record hours worked, overtime, and breaks and compute total wages. In addition, employees may also use the app to keep accurate records of their own hours and wages. The DOL had already released a previous version of the Timesheet app for devices that run iOS operating systems. Both apps are free for users to download. The DOL’s Timesheet app for Android users undoubtedly allows greater transparency when calculating hours and wages. Thus, it can be a tool for preventing overtime violations and other illegal practices.

Employer Recordkeeping Requirements

The Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) covers employers whose annual sales total at least $500,000 or engage in interstate commerce. Under the FLSA, covered employers must keep certain records for all non-exempt employees. Such records must include accurate employee information and specific wage and hour data, including:

  • the time and day of the week an employee’s workweek begins,
  • hours worked each day and the total hours worked during the workweek,
  • the basis on which the employer pays the worker’s wages,
  • hourly pay rate,
  • total daily or weekly straight-time earnings,
  • the total overtime earnings for the workweek,
  • any additions or deductions from wages,
  • total wages for each pay period, and
  • the dates of the payment and pay period.

In the end, the FLSA does not require any particular form for the records. However, employers must keep these types of employee records for a minimum of three years.

DOL Timesheet App for Android Devices

The DOL launched its Timesheet app for Android following the success of the agency’s iOS version. Acting Administrator of the Wage and Hour Division Jessica Looman stated that “the division’s Timesheet App has been downloaded more than 35,000 times” as of June 29. The Timesheet app helps workers ensure that employers record all of their hours. These include hours for telework, travel, pre- and post-shift work, and on-call log-ins. In addition, the app includes pay rate data and overtime calculations. Subsequently, workers may use the Timesheet app’s wage and hour records in pay disputes.

Employer Usage

The Timesheet app allows employers to access updated wage and hour information in one location on their Android devices. The Timesheet app includes pay frequency options, like hourly or salary. Employers may enter relevant data and receive automatic calculations of wages payable through the app. Finally, employees and employers may communicate through the app in sections like the Manual Time Entry feature. Individuals may download the DOL’s Timesheet app for Android or iOS devices for free through Google Play or the Apple App Store.