Tom Mundy earns a princely income in California by going around to various business establishments with an eye to finding violations of the ADA (Americans With Disabilities Act), usually related to accessibility issues. In one instance, the condiments counter at a fast food joint was one inch too high to be properly accessible. So what did Mundy, who himself is disabled and in a wheelchair, do?

Like any good, red-blooded American, he sued, of course. In cahoots–oops, I meant in concert–with his lawyer, Mundy is chalking up enough settlements each year to fill his pockets at the six-figure pace. He calls what he does advocacy; others say it’s nothing but extortion.


Meanwhile, I strongly advise any of you owning businesses to keep abreast of ADA requirements (recently affirmed and expanded by the ADA Amendments Act) by procuring a copy of Personnel Concepts’ ADA Compliance Kit.