Most everyone is familiar with the saga of the workers at Republic Windows and Doors, who at holiday time in late 2008 were laid off with little notice. However, they refused to leave the premises and staged a sit-down until owner Richard Gillman, backed by a loan from Bank of America, paid them all monies owed from vacation and WARN Act 60 days’ pay (WARN basically requires a company to give 60 days’ advanced warning of mass layoffs or plant closings).

Even with their victory, the workers faced a bleak economy, with scant prospects of getting hired to do what they knew how to do. In stepped a White Knight, however.

This past month California-based Serious Materials bought the Chicago factory and is in the process of reopening it. The new owners have reached an agreement with UE Local 1110 to rehire all former Republic workers at their former rate of pay and allow the union to continue representing them.

Serious will be manufacturing super-insulated windows that are approved under the federal Energy Star program for their efficiency.

Now, this is one happy tale is this world of bad economic news. Christmas came late for these workers. It must feel nice.