You can’t kill it, and it comes back to haunt you every time you think it’s safe to venture back into society again.

It’s the Employee Free Choice Act (EFCA), and even though it lacks the votes to survive a Senate filibuster, it’s still stalking American businesses and filling the nation’s newsprint, airwaves and cyberspace with endless prattle (like this, huh?).

Somehow, I think the unions and their paid-off Democrats in Congress will devise a way to slip this bill through under the cover of darkness, perhaps attached to a spending bill and rushed into birth through the reconciliation process. But look for it soon, rising from the dead with endless life in it.

Thus, when I noticed an article about “Card Check Dilemma” on the Huffington Post site, I was expecting to find someone extolling the virtues of instant unionization, whether real or faked (I hear that ACORN is huddling at this very moment with union organizers to share their secrets on creating imaginary voters, or in this case, imaginary card signers).

Instead, the CEO of the Consumer Electronics Association, Gary Shapiro, son of a union organizer, came out steadfastly opposed, indeed calling for instant slaying of the EFCA monster. He writes:

Given the national economic crisis, unions need to do a reality check on card check and check out on this issue.

Only then can we all safely walk our own streets again.