Fox has announced plans for an upcoming reality TV show that’s based on downsizing an office staff in tough economic times called Someone’s Gotta Go. Here’s how it’s described at

The show will highlight a small business that needs to downsize because of the economy, but instead of the bosses deciding who gets the axe, co-workers must choose who among them has to go. Workers will have to defend themselves, justifying their work habits, all leading to a group discussion to determine who gets dumped.

To help make their decision, employees will have access to each others’ usually private records including budgets, human resources files and salaries.

I guess if workers want to sign waivers to participate, that’s their business, but employers will still be legally liable if the workers decide to break some non-discrimination or other labor laws and regulations in laying people off. Also, I’m not sure that the handing around of everyone’s personnel records would pass a Department of Labor compliance test.

Above all, it’s just a tacky, callous and mean-spirited attempt to make money off people’s hardships and misfortunes. The show has gotta go before it gets started.