Actually, I’m not sure if what I’m going to write about has anything to do with either stress or global economic blues, but it must be indicative of something.

(Now, I know I should be writing about Government Motors and the new Pelosi GTX, or even about health care deform, but this looked too good to pass up.)

According to the Wall Street Journal and a Japanese culture writer named Lisa Katayama, the new rage in Japan is virtual boyfriends and girlfriends.

I tried to check it all out at (which means “Web Boyfriend”) but I couldn’t figure out how to navigate the site without knowing Japanese. It appears that you have to create an account to get up and running, however.

Anyway, Ms. Katayama reports that you can choose an animated character to be your boyfriend (or girlfriend on other sites), and when you log in, Mr. Nice Cyber Guy will tell you how great you look.

I’ll settle for a Belvedere Martini, shaken and not cyber.