It was big news when Wal-Mart came out this week in favor of an employer mandate for health care, meaning that all employers (unless exempted by size) would have to provide health care for their workers or pay a tax to the government.

Not only did Wal-Mart endorse the employer mandate now under discussion in Congress, but it also did so in concert with the Service Employees International Union (SEIU) by issuing a joint statement.

Is this a reprise of the British surrender tune at Yorktown of “The World Turned Upside Down”?

Not really, though the news did garner gushing gagas from the liberal media.

In truth, there was at least one obvious motive in Wal-Mart’s endorsement–crush the competition by making them spend their money on health care.

Behind the scenes, there may also have been some promises or compacts made between the SEIU and Wal-Mart: “Keep the unions out, and we’ll endorse the employer mandate” or some such.

Finally, there’s the obvious clout with official Washington that this brings to the nation’s largest private employer.

Plus, why fight the obvious? With Democrats holding all the cards in D.C., an employer mandate is as sure as death and taxes.

Chalk one up for Wal-Mart.