I found this great graph on a site called The Glittering Eye that shows exactly what will happen to costs when the public option takes over. Note how the U.S. costs for health care are stable and relatively equal to other countries up to the age of 65 when the current public option, Medicare, kicks in.


Gee, once health care in America becomes subsidized at age 65, people flock to their doctors. What does that portend for our health care costs when Obama’s “public option” starts signing people up?

It doesn’t take a genius to figure out that costs will skyrocket out of control (which says a lot about the level of intelligence of those in the White House and the left side of the aisle in Congress).

I hope those making $250,000 and above won’t mind paying for all of this. (Another great farce and illusion in the whole argument, but I’ll save the topic for another time.)