Drug manufacturer Pfizer has launched a program called Maintain to provide free prescription drugs to laid-off Americans who lack insurance. Powerhouse drugs like Lipitor, Norvasc, Caduet and, yes, Viagra, are on the list, though you might be hard pressed to make a medical necessity case for the latter.

Cynics will counter that it's all "great PR," and I can see the New York Times invoking "the Obama Effect," as in "the Jesus Effect" in parting the waters, feeding multitudes with one fish–and now providing free prescriptions (soon health care as well).

As an enrollee you, of course, have to be able to prove your unemployment and meet other tests, but this sounds great to me (especially since I've used one or two of those drugs to treat my own conditions, and no, not Viagra–LOL).

Check out the program's Web page, or call (866) 706-2400.