Or some such reasoning, if such a thing (reasoning) can be said to apply to French workers and politics.

I’ve blogged before about how terminated French employees will often hold their bosses hostage until a more suitable severance package is offered. As it turns out, “more suitable” has now been defined as 30,000 euros ($53,000) and hostage-taking has been replaced by explosive-wielding-and-threatening, to wit:

A French construction equipment plant owned by U.S.-based Oshkosh Corporation has agreed to boost severance packages for laid-off workers who threatened to blow up machinery, employers say. While only 53 workers are affected, each was guaranteed up to 30,000 euros ($53,000) in severance pay. The incident occurred during a week in which unions at three different French factories used threats of explosions to get their complaints heard.

In other such violent encounters, as at this one, French police refused to intervene.

If Obama and the laborcrats get their way, this is what America will soon be like, except here you can expect the bombs will actually be exploded.