Worse, nearly 85 percent of those surveyed by Mansfield Communications said they feel pressured to come to work even if they come down with the H1N1 swine flu because of the tough economy. Nearly 70 percent also said their employers have communicated nothing and made no preparations for a possible swine flu resurgence.

On a more positive note, 80 percent said they felt knowledgeable about what precautions to take against the influenza, but 47 percent of respondents still said they would go out into public even if they come down with the flu.

“The gap between professed knowledge and practice is alarming,” Mansfield spokesman Rob Ireland said. “Nearly half of respondents said that they would continue to engage in public activities with full knowledge of their infection. Clearly, there is much to be done to educate America’s workforce and help people act appropriately in order to contain the spread of H1N1.”

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