The Office of Federal Contract Compliance Programs (OFCCP) is receiving a 33-percent budget increase for fiscal 2011 and will use the money to hire 213 new compliance officers and launch a more rigorous enforcement program.

The OFCCP is tasked with monitoring compliance with federal labor laws and regulations by contractors working on federal government contracts.

In announcing its "unprecedented initiative," the OFCCP said it will increase monitoring of contractors’ self-audit obligations and also will target two industries for random audits. It will then re-audit the two industries in fiscal 2013 to evaluate recidivism rates (to see if they’re back-sliding).

The agency will also vigorously pursue affirmative action and fair pay violations by contractors in accordance with President Obama’s vow in the State of the Union Address to "crack down on violations of equal pay laws." As part of that effort, the OFCCP plans to update its regulations to strengthen affirmative action requirements for covered veterans, for individuals with disabilities, and for construction workers.

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