For the past few days, a few labor law poster companies (other than Personnel Concepts) have been issuing press releases and other types of communication stating that the Cal/OSHA poster "Safety and Health Protection on the Job" has changed and posting the updated version is mandatory. (Therefore, buy it from us, in other words.)

However, the poster in question, the one dated November 2009, is not mandatory despite its having been updated with a new contact phone number. The Cal/OSHA site clearly states, "Previous edition may be used." (The previous edition is dated February 2006.)

Personnel Concepts has already incorporated the new "Safety and Health Protection" poster into its store of California State and Federal All-On-One Labor Law Posters. So those businesses purchasing the California poster will indeed get the new state poster on it, while others who have already purchased and posted their state and federal labor law poster will still be in compliance with the law.

Don’t let these other companies play April Fool’s with you.