Following a blistering critique of the Nevada OSH program in 2009, the federal Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) is opening a Nevada branch rather than shutting down Nevada’s own operation.

However, one might now reasonably expect much closer review and supervision of the Nevada OSH effort; in addition, federal officials said its Nevada office will field complaints and act on them.

As part of its nationwide Severe Violators Enforcement Program (SVEP), Nevada OSHA (along with 21 other state programs) is also expected to increase its penalties for companies that are repeat offenders. There is a six-month window for SVEP implementation.

The October critique also blasted Nevada OSHA for issuing abatements without follow-through to ensure the abatements were carried out. Fed/OSHA will now work to see that abatement follow-throughs are carried out.

Whether under a state of federal OSH program, your company and its owners-operators need to be cognizant of all OSHA requirements, especially the umbrella General Duty Clause, which OSHA is now using to crack the whip even harder, so to speak.

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