The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) employs 2.1 million people, but just 2,335 of them are field inspectors. The agency is thus requesting an additional $24.7 million in its fiscal year 2012 budget to expand by 52 inspectors.

As budget negotiations stall in Congress over how deep to cut spending, the fate of the OSHA request is—at best—uncertain.

In addition to the federal workforce, state OSH Act entities employ another 10.5 million persons.

OSHA is also seeking another $6.4 million for its regulatory (rules-writing) obligations, with $2.4 million of that targeted just for the revamp of the federal Injury and Illness Program, dubbed I2P2. OSHA aims to release I2P2 during FY 2012, which starts in October.

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