In a media briefing today at the American Society of Safety Engineers (ASSE) meeting in Denver, OSHA administrator David Michaels admitted to the possibility that the new Injury and Illness Prevention Program (dubbed I2P2) could be implemented before the November elections, but added, "I'm not allowed to say," according to an Occupational Safety & Health magazine report.

Michaels said enacting standards often takes years due to the federal regulatory process and because most OSHA standards face challenges that tie them up in legal proceedings. "I think we've moved the ball forward and made this a priority," he conceded.

I2P2 will require all employers to have a safety program to identify and correct hazards. "It's about a process, not about abating hazards," he said.

“Embracing safety culture can increase profits and help create a better product. OSHA levels the playing field for responsible employers to allow them to compete with those employers who cut corners with safety,” he said.