Saying that too many crucial employees had failed to show up to work as Immigrations and Customs Enforcement (ICE) officials conducted an I-9 audit, the Sushi Zushi Texas chain of restaurants, with roots in San Antonio and branches in Dallas and Austin, was forced to shutter — at least temporarily — all eight of its locations.

The company says it's not sure when it will reopen the restaurants.

“Several vital employees have chosen not to report to work,” the company announced in a prepared statement. “This has affected our ability to provide our expected level of service to guests.”

The Obama administration does not necessarily deport workers during I-9 (employment verification form) audits to determine if a company's employees have a legal right to work in the United States, but by fining employers and exposing unverified workers, the audits have the effect of forcing the termination of illegal workers.

No results have been released on Sushi Zushi's I-9 audit, and it appears that the employees chose not to show up to work as a precautionary measure.

Employers, most fines from I-9 audits derive from faulty record-keeping, not from hiring illegal workers. Get your copy of Personnel Concepts I-9 Compliance Kit today and make sure your records are being maintained properly.