Errors on data being sent from the website to insurance companies for fulfillment of purchases is down to about 10 percent, a spokesperson for the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) said Friday.

The website was so stodgy and error-prone when it was introduced on Oct. 1 that CMS has since overseen some 500 "fixes" on, and this past Sunday, Dec. 1, announced that the retooled site was finally ready for prime time.

During the first two months of operations, the data error rate ranged as high as 25 percent on the 834 forms sent to insurance companies when policies were purchased, according to Julie Bataille, the CMS spokesperson.

Another official estimated that there have been 50,000 insurance policy purchases on the website since it was retooled, meaning that as many as 5,000 of those contain errors when forwarded to the insurance companies for fulfillment.