As the year begins, so too do the requirements of New York's Wage Theft Prevention Act. This month employers throughout the state will have to create and issue wage notices to all employees.

These wage notices must include:

•    the employee’s rate(s) of pay, including the overtime rate, if any;
•    the basis of wage payment (e.g., hour, shift, day, week, piece, etc.);
•    the designated pay day;
•    any tip or meal allowances;
•    the employer’s name and any “doing business as” names;
•    the telephone number and the physical address of the employer’s main office; and
•    the company’s mailing address, if different.

To help employers in New York stay compliant with this and other state labor and employment laws, Personnel Concepts has just issued a 2014 New York Employer Update Kit. Get yours today if you do business in New York.