The Governmental Accountability Office (GAO) conducted a sting operation on Obamacare during the health insurance sign-up period that ended March 31  and announced that 11 of 12 fake applicants are still to this day covered with subsidies.

"The federal marketplace approved coverage for 11 of our 12 fictitious applicants who initially applied online, or by telephone," Seto Bagdoyan, who directs GAO's Forensic Audits and Investigative Service, is set to testify today before Congress, according to NBC News.

According to Bagdoyan, the only fake applicant rejected — one out of the 12 — was the one who failed to supply a Social Security number.

"The total amount of these credits for the 11 approved applications is about $2,500 monthly or about $30,000 annually. We also obtained cost-sharing reduction subsidies, according to marketplace representatives, in at least nine of the 11 cases," Bagdoyan said.