The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) has uploaded a series of videos on YouTube featuring Commissioner John Koskinen, among others, explaining various provisions of the Affordable Care Act (ACA, aka Obamacare).

Among the topics covered are the small business health care tax credit, the individual shared responsibility provision, the Flexible Spending Account (FSA) carryover provision, and the additional Medicare tax for high earners.

View the videos on the IRS YouTube Channel.

Meanwhile, the latest Health Tracking Poll from the Kaiser Family Foundation shows support for Obamacare continuing to slide, with 47 percent of respondents viewing it unfavorably and only 35 percent favorably. Among likely voters in November, the gap widens to 52 percent against and the same 35 percent in favor.

However, by a 63-to-33-percent margin, respondents favor reforming rather than repealing the ACA.

If you’re a business owner or manager, the IRS videos are a nice start, but for comprehensive coverage and explanations, you need to get a copy of our Affordable Care Act Compliance Kit.