Ebola-virusThe Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) recently released an advisory on “possible worker exposure to the Ebola virus,” detailing both employer and employee obligations.

The advisory notes:

Exposure to the virus or someone with Ebola may be more likely in certain sectors, including the healthcare, mortuary/death care, and airline servicing industries. Workers who interact with people, animals, goods, and equipment arriving in the U.S. from foreign countries with current Ebola outbreaks are at the greatest risk for exposure.

Precautionary measures for preventing exposure to the Ebola virus depend on the type of work, potential for Ebola-virus contamination of the work environment, and what is known about other potential exposure hazards.

Specific sections of the advisory address “background, including the origins of Ebola virus and EHF (Ebola hemorrhagic fever),” “hazard recognition,” “medical information,” “standards for protecting workers from the Ebola virus,” “control and prevention of EHF,” and a catch-all called “additional resources.”

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