To reach more Americans this open enrollment season, Health and Human Services Secretary (HHS) Sylvia M. Burwell hsa announced a first-of-its-kind partnership between HHS and the electronic cash transactions company PayNearMe to reach financially underserved and other cash-preferring consumers.

Secretary Burwell joined PayNearMe and 7-Eleven. Inc leaders in announcing the partnership at a 7-Eleven store in Washington D.C., where PayNearMe demonstrated how consumers would receive receipts printed with information on Open Enrollment.

During this year’s Open Enrollment period, all PayNearMe receipts printed at 7,800 7-Eleven stores nationwide will include a special announcement that informs consumers about upcoming Affordable Care Act (ACA) deadlines and encourages them to explore beneficial options such as tax credits and newly available plans at

In addition to rent, loans and utilities, PayNearMe allows cash-preferring consumers to pay with cash for online purchases and more at participating 7-Eleven stores and other retail stores across the U.S. Once a payment is accepted, the business being paid is notified immediately and the consumer receives a receipt as proof of payment.

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