The Department of Health and Human Services (HHS), in charge of enacting Obamacare, and the Internal Revenue Service (IRS), in charge of enforcing the very same Affordable Care Act (ACA), have issued a statement about providing help at tax time for those who signed up for health care through one of the ACA exchanges. What they’re not directly admitting is that, if a consumer received a subsidy that was wholly or partially unwarranted, that person will have to pay back the portion of the subsidy, whether partial or whole, that was unwarranted based on final 2013 income. That payback sum will be due at tax time. Here’s the two agencies’ press release:

In preparation for the 2015 tax filing season, the Department of Health and Human Services and the Treasury Department are putting in place resources to provide tax filers with the information and resources they need to get their questions answered.

Millions of Americans who get their health insurance through work are benefitting from the Affordable Care Act, and millions of others have signed up for the Health Insurance Marketplaces and received financial assistance to lower their monthly premiums.

Starting this year, consumers will see some changes to their tax returns.  While the vast majority of tax filers – over three quarters – will just need to check a box on their tax return indicating they had health coverage in 2014, people who have coverage through the Marketplaces, or decided not to enroll in coverage, should be aware of some additional steps that will be a part of the tax filing process starting this year.

Consumers will have questions about this new process and the Administration is committed to providing the information and tools tax filers need to understand the new requirements. In the coming weeks, the Administration will launch additional resources to help consumers prepare for tax filing season, including online tools to help individuals connect with local tax preparation services and determine if they are eligible for an exemption.

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