While Democrats were singing its praises, Republicans in Congress were working on a measure to present to the president to end it (however unlikely that he’d ever sign it).

“It,” of course, is the Affordable Care Act (ACA), commonly referred to as Obamacare, which celebrated its fifth year of existence on March 23, 2015, having been signed into law on the same day in 2010 by President Obama.

In support of the program, the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) released a report claiming the ACA resulted in a $7.4 billion reduction in hospital costs for treating the uninsured.

“Five years later, as more Americans enjoy affordable, quality health coverage, we know that the ACA works,” said House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, California Democrat.

Countered Sen. John Thune, Republican of South Dakota: “The American people have waited long enough for relief from the pain Obamacare is causing them.  I look forward to finally repealing this fundamentally flawed law and replacing it with real reforms that will actually lower costs and increase access to care.”

The Supreme Court will no doubt have the final say on Obamacare when it issues its ruling in King v. Burwell, which could end federal health insurance subsidies. That ruling is expected in June.

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