Fitbit Wellness, a turnkey software wellness program for businesses, is now compliant with the security and privacy rules of the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA), a step the company hopes will attract more businesses to use the company’s software and wrist devices.

HIPAA compliance will allow the company to market Fitbit Wellness to HIPAA-covered entities, such as businesses with self-insured health plans.

“We prioritize protecting our consumers’ privacy and keeping their data secure,” said James Park, CEO of Fitbit. “Our compliance with HIPAA safeguards formalizes this commitment, and, more importantly, it creates opportunities for more effective relationships with corporate wellness customers.”

Fitbit Wellness is being used by Geico, Quicken Loans and a few others. Overall, Fitbit has cornered 24.3 percent of the wearables market, but Fitbit Wellness is currently less than 10 percent of operating revenue.

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