Firms that failed to submit their 2016 Form 300A injury and illness reporting data electronically will be the target of a special emphasis program by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), meaning “prepare for an unexpected visit.”

Trump-OSHA-targets-non-filersThe construction industry and businesses with fewer than 20 employees are exempt from the program known as Site-Specific Targeting 2016 (SST-16), which began last week.

Businesses will be selected at random from those that failed to submit data and will be joined by other firms targeted for their high DART (Days Away, Restricted or Transferred) rates. The lists will then be shared with regional administrators and with administrators of state-run OSHA programs.

The agency will continue with its nine current National Emphasis Programs focusing on lead, shipbuilding, trenching/excavations, process safety management, hazardous machinery, hexavalent chromium, primary metal industries and combustible dust, as well as its 100 or so Regional and Local Emphasis Programs in place today.