Gotta pity poor Randall Hinton, who says he’s running out of music to listen to on his $93,803-a-year guv job, where he otherwise has nothing to do from 7:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m.

Oh, but he does also idle away his away counting cars passing by on the New York Thruway as he gazes out the window and listens to music.

The guy basically can’t be fired either, so why’s he complaining and demanding new responsibilities at the State Insurance Fund in Albany?

Hinton said he’s treated as a second-class employee with fewer resources than even the lowliest Insurance Fund worker. “I have no Internet access, no printer, no laptop, no car. Every day it’s a struggle for me to bring in something I haven’t read or listened to. I can tell you how many white cars pass on the Thruway . . . I can’t take it anymore.”

How did Hinton get into this mess (or nirvana, depending on one’s perspective)? He had the gall to sue former Governor George Pataki for discrimination on the job. In a settlement, he was transferred into his current position, but his supervisors were ordered not to give him anything to do.

Now, he’s suing again, claiming more discrimination and workplace retaliation and demanding some work to do.

Hang in there, Randall. You’re been on the state dole, er, payroll for 27 years already, and as I calculate it, in three more years, you can retire on 90 percent of your pay, or $84,422.