It’s actually just one Cheesecake Factory location in Phoenix that was the subject of the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) lawsuit that led to a subsequent consent decree.

At that location, the EEOC charged that managers looked the other way while male kitchen staff sexually harassed male service staff, including acts such as dragging them into the refrigerator, grabbing their genitals and simulating rape.

As a result of the consent decree, that Cheesecake Factory will be monitored for two years by an outside ombudsman, and it must also pay restitution to the six harassed employees and conduct training for all employees.

Employers, allowing acts of sexual harassment to take place can lead to similar EEOC actions and even criminal charges for those directly involved. Stay on top of your workforce and snuff out harassment of any kind before it gets started. In this endeavor, Personnel Concepts’ Federal Harassment in the Workplace Program will help you establish on-site policies and procedures to prevent harassment.