Wild Edibles, a Long Island City, N.Y.-based wholesale seafood purveyor that was forced into bankruptcy in July 2009, has settled with a wage-earners’ group that led a successful boycott of the firm’s provisioning by 70 Manhattan restaurants.

The boycott was orchestrated by the nonprofit group Brandworkers, which alleged overtime and wage-and-hour violations by Wild Edibles and ended up securing a a $340,000 settlement for the workers, many of them from the local immigrant population.

“More than anything, we showed that ordinary workers can get organized, take action together and win,” said Raymundo Lara Molina, a former employee of Wild Edibles.

Once a federal judge approves the settlement, Wild Edibles has 45 days to file a bankruptcy restructuring plan.

Though the sum of $340,000 seems tiny compared to many of the nation’s multi-million-dollar settlements, it points up the pitfalls of avoiding one’s obligation as a business owner to pay time-and-a-half for overtime.

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