It seems hard that any show could beat out The Office for the most workplace violations in matters of diversity, discrimination, and respect, but a group calling itself Global Compliance conducted a study and concluded that 30 Rock topped the list, followed closely by Grey’s Anatomy.

Global Compliance’s tally revealed that 30 Rock was home to 11 violations per show on average, while Grey’s Anatomy trailed with an average of just seven.

Not to worry, though. The Office followed closely on their heels, as did House (how did that not top the list?).

The writers and producers of these shows should visit Personnel Concepts’ Harassment and Discrimination Web section for a variety of compliance posters, kits and training guides.

Come to think of it, you should visit there no matter what business you’re in. 

In real life, these TV violations that we laugh about or take for granted can end up costing a firm a small bundle in legal fees and fines. Protect yourself today.