The U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) recently announced that it has received a record number of discrimination charges during the past fiscal year. 

The total number of charges received by the agency reached nearly 100,000, representing the highest number of charges in its 45-year history and a 7 percent increase in charge activity since fiscal 2009. 

An employer’s best defense against such charges of discrimination is to develop strong equal employment opportunity (EEO) policies that are clearly communicated and accepted by both managers and employees. 

To help employers meet their obligations as well as mitigate the risk of costly retaliation, discrimination and harassment claims, Personnel Concepts has several EEO-related product solutions available: our Wrongful Termination Prevention Kit (WTP-KIT; $69.95), which helps employers establish written policies to communicate the conditions of employment to employees in order to prevent costly retaliation claims; our EEO Compliance Program (FD-EEO-SYS; $89.95), which helps employers establish procedures to ensure compliance with all forms of discrimination prohibited by state and federal laws; and, our Harassment in the Workplace Program (FD-HAR-L; $89.95), which helps employers prevent workplace harassment by  providing a comprehensive seven-step investigation process to ensure that any complaint of harassment is investigated thoroughly, objectively, and effectively.