Illinois has passed — and Gov. Pat Quinn has signed — a trio of laws that make it harder for employers in the state to misclassify workers as independent contractors and thus avoid paying taxes and benefits.

House Bill 923, which takes effect next Jan. 1, requires employers to report to the Illinois Department of Labor (IDOL) all payments made to people who are not classified as employees of the company. Another bill taking effect on New Year's Day, House Bill 2649, maikes it more difficult for construction industry employers to misclassify workers as contractors.

A third bill taking effect immediately, House Bill 3125, sets up a job opportunities website hosted by the Illinois Department of Employment Security (IDES). The bill requires state contractors to post job openings to the site,

Employers, both the states and the federal government are cracking down on misuse of the independent contractor work status. Don't misclassify and get caught owing back taxes and benefits — and fines — get a copy today of Personnel Concepts' comprehensive guide, Worker Misclassification Prevention Kit.