Both sides foresaw a potential recount of balloting for SeaTac Proposition 1, which would raise the small city's airport-related hospitality and transportation workers' salaries to a minimum of $15 an hour.

On Monday after three weeks of counting votes, the proposition was leading by 76 votes, and King County officials were expected to certify the results today.

As of Friday, SeaTac Proposition 1 led 50.63 percent to 49.37 percent — a difference of just 76 votes out of 5,994 counted. A few votes remained to be accounted for but not enough to change the outcome.

Supporters gained ground in recent days as both campaigns combed through a county list of ballots with signature issues. Some of the ballots were rehabbed by having voters send affidavits back to election officials to verify their identity.

The campaign over the proposition saw $1.8 million in spending, both for and against, with national labor groups supporting the effort and national business groups opposing it.