In 2010, the online world was shocked with reports of employers demanding access to job candidates’ social media sites. At the forefront of these headlines was a story about Robert Collins, an applicant to the Maryland Department of Corrections who was asked during a recertification interview for his Facebook login credentials to verify, he was told, that he had no gang affiliation.

Collins recalled in an interview with National Public Radio in 2012 that as he sat and watched the interviewer go through his messages, his wall, his friends, and photographs he felt violated and disrespected, questioning why an employer could go through personal messages when it is a federal crime to go through personal, traditional mail. Cries of privacy invasion, chilling effects and cybersnooping soon filled the interwebs as social media users and civil liberties groups demanded reformation in the ways employers use social media.

States, hearing the cries, quickly moved to enact sweeping legislation aimed at protecting online privacy.

This new current of legislation, aimed at protecting social media users from what the public has deemed overly-intrusive employers, is changing the landscape of employment in the digital age.
Failure to comply with employment regulations can result in fines and lawsuits, enforceable by the EEOC and other federal agencies.

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