On Tuesday, the Department of Labor (DOL) posted a notice in the Federal Register seeking public commentary on “improving regulation and regulatory review” and set the deadline for receipt of the comments on Feb. 25 — a window of a scant three weeks.

The invitation for comments follows on the heels of President Obama’s Executive Order 13563 of 2011 mandating the DOL to find and use only “the best, most innovative, and least burdensome tools to achieve regulatory ends” for “public health, welfare, safety and our environment while promoting economic growth.”

The next year Executive Order 13610 ordered “retrospective analyses of existing rules to examine whether they remain justified and whether they should be modified or streamlined.”

The public is now invited to identify rules, regulations and reporting requirements that can be modified or streamlined.

(Funny, but the notice never mentions “eliminated” or “ended.”)

Comments should be submitted via the web at http://www.dol.gov/regulations/regreview/

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