After rolling it out in a few trial states, the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) has now completed its nationwide launch of what it is calling ACT Digital, the EEOC’s Digital Charge System. In short, the system replaces paper notices and transactions with email, at least as much as possible.

On its website, the EEOC explains ACT Digital in this way: “The first phase of ACT Digital allows an employer against whom a charge has been filed to communicate with the EEOC thru [sic] a secure portal to download the charge, review an invitation to mediate, submit a position statement, and provide and verify their contact information.”


Users will not be able to create and maintain individual user accounts. If the EEOC has an email address for a designated contact to receive charges for the respondent employer, an electronic notice of charge will be sent to that email address on file with the EEOC. If the EEOC does not have an email address for the respondent employer, a paper notice will be mailed to the address of record for the respondent employer.  The notice of the charge instructs the respondent to log into the secure portal with the specific charge number and a system generated password. These items are required to access the system.

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