On Jan. 31, Open Enrollment for 2016 coverage ended, with about 12.7 million plan selections through the Health Insurance Marketplaces, the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) is reporting.

Of the 12.7 million consumers enrolling in marketplace coverage, more than 9.6 million came through the HealthCare.gov platform and 3.1 million selected a plan through state-based marketplaces. It is also worth noting that nearly 400,000 people signed up for New York’s new Basic Health Program, along with about 33,000 people who signed up for Minnesota’s Basic Health Program, during this Open Enrollment.

Basic Health Programs are state-based programs supported by the Affordable Care Act (ACA) that provide health insurance coverage to low-income individuals who would generally otherwise be eligible for qualified health plans. In fact, about 300,000 of the New York Basic Health Program enrollees for 2016 are people who enrolled in marketplace coverage for 2015 and were included in last year’s marketplace total plan selections.

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