The Safer Federal Workforce Task Force (Task Force) has recently issued new federal contractor COVID protocols. In brief, the White House COVID-19 Response Team leads the Task Force. The General Services Administration (GSA) and the Office of Personnel Management (OPM) also lead the team. Chiefly, the Task Force gives federal agencies ongoing guidance to keep their employees safe and agencies operating during the pandemic. Previously, President Joseph Biden announced a new six-pronged strategy to combat the rise in coronavirus cases.

Updates to Federal Contractor COVID Protocols

In general, on September 17th, 2021, the Task Force issued updated guidance to federal agencies about COVID-19 safety protocols. For the most part, the new guidance applies to employees of federal contractors and federal employees. Overall, the release mainly targets COVID-19 vaccine and testing requirements for federal employees. There are, however, new and updated Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) relating to federal contractors working on government sites.

Among other new information, the FAQs include the following additional questions on federal contractor COVID protocols:

  • Should agencies inquire regarding the vaccination status of onsite contractor employees?
  • How should an agency ask onsite contractor employees about their vaccination status?
  • What type of negative COVID-19 test result must a not fully vaccinated visitor or onsite contractor employee show documentation to enter a federal building?
  • How should an agency ask visitors about their vaccination status?
  • If an agency has a system of records notice that covers its collection of information on vaccination status from onsite contractor employees, can the agency collect that information?
  • Are agencies required to establish different safety protocols for fully vaccinated and not fully vaccinated individuals?
  • If a federal employee seeks to enter space under the control of another agency, must they complete a Certification of Vaccination form at that agency?

Additionally, the FAQs on the website include answers to the following questions:

  • What is the definition of fully vaccinated?
  • By what date do federal employees need to be fully vaccinated?
  • To what types of federal employees does the vaccination requirement apply?
  • Must agencies require documentation from employees to prove vaccination status?