In recent years, claims and lawsuits involving multi-location labor law compliance have become increasingly prevalent. For example, the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) announced that claimants filed 73,485 discrimination charges in Fiscal Year 2022. This was an increase of nearly 20% from Fiscal Year 2021. Consequently, in many situations, the courts rule against the employer. In detail, litigious and disgruntled employees often allege discrimination, unsafe workplaces, retaliation, whistleblower harassment, and employee leave discrepancies. Subsequently, if found at fault, an employer can face fines and harsh penalties. Given that, supervisors and managers need to comply with federal employment laws and any state-specific or municipal laws that may apply. That sentiment, however, is often easier said than done, especially for multi-location businesses.

Common Multi-Location Labor Law Compliance Issues

Even if a business only has one location, that workplace must comply with ever-changing federal and state labor and employment laws. Historically, many new laws and minimum wage increases take effect every January, bringing new compliance obligations for employers. Applicable state laws can also change throughout the calendar year, requiring employers and HR managers to establish a process for monitoring new and revised legislation and agency regulations for every state where the company does business. These laws can range from wage and hour requirements to workplace safety obligations. Explicitly, many of these laws require replacing and posting new or updated labor law posters that are published and enforced by government agencies. Often, the labor law poster compliance process can be long and confusing. By and large, the amount of time and effort to keep one location compliant is multiplied when many locations are included. Instead of obtaining required notices from the hundreds of state, federal, and local agencies that publish them, regional and national HR leaders often turn to private companies for assistance with keeping required labor law posters up-to-date for all of their business locations.

Personnel Concepts’ Self-Service Portal: Customer Compliance Dashboard

Personnel Concepts understands that managing multi-location labor law compliance can be challenging. As a result, to help alleviate that burden, we provide one year of full access to a dedicated self-service portal. Known as the Customer Compliance Dashboard, the portal allows multi-location businesses to:

  • View and track orders and shipments;
  • Check the status of panel updates and full poster replacements;
  • View invoices;
  • Export a directory of all serviced locations;
  • Manage returns; and
  • View recent poster updates.

Portal subscribers also receive monthly emails recapping all revisions to specific conditional notices. Please note: these notices can be printed and shipped with your initial order or annual renewal for an additional fee.

Dedicated Account Manager

Additionally, if you need additional support beyond the Customer Compliance Dashboard, you can seek assistance via email, phone, or video from a highly-trained account manager. Markedly, your dedicated account manager can provide the following support:

  • Report tracking;
  • Answers to questions about pending or future updates;
  • Special requests and problem-solving;
  • Support in conducting poster audits; and
  • Providing information on regulatory/legislative news found by our dedicated Research and Compliance team, which has over 50 combined years of experience with labor & employment compliance.

Employer Takeaways

Personnel Concepts has spent the last 35 years developing new ways to help multi-location employers with compliance. Nearly 1.5 million businesses have entrusted us to help protect them from government fines, employee lawsuits, and other costly consequences associated with non-compliance. For more information on the Customer Compliance Dashboard or other possible multi-location labor law compliance resources, please contact the Corporate Accounts Executive Team at, 909-472-4774, or 909-472-4567.