President Trump recently signed an executive order requiring every federal agency to establish a “Regulatory Reform Task Force” to eliminate what he considers to be unnecessary and burdensome regulations hampering the American economy.

His action follows a meeting he had with what is known as the Business Roundtable, a conservative coalition of management executives formed to promote pro-business public policy. From the gist of that meeting, it appears that a number of workplace regulations could be on the chopping block.

The seven regulations singled out by the Business Roundtable are:

  • Affordable Care Act (ACA) Employer Reporting Requirements
  • EEOC Wellness Program Rules 
  • ACA Excise Taxes 
  • Overtime Regulations
  • Fair Pay And Safe Workplaces Executive Order (EO 13673)
  • EEOC’s Revised Employment Information Report
  • CEO Pay Ratio Disclosure