On March 21, the Department of Labor (DOL) introduced a resource to boost the employment participation of people with disabilities. Specifically, the Competitive Integrated Employment Transformation Hub brings together resources from across the federal government. These items include practical guidance, policy information, and evidence-based best practices. Accordingly, people with disabilities, their families, employers, employment service providers, and state agencies can utilize these best practices. Earlier in January, the DOL released its annual civil monetary penalty adjustments, effective mid-month. In brief, these penalties are assessed annually and enforced by that government agency.

Overview of the Competitive Integrated Employment Transformation Hub (Hub)

According to the DOL, competitive integrated employment (CIE) ensures employers pay disabled individuals competitive wages. Moreover, these individuals would work in environments where most employees do not have disabilities. Chiefly, the Hub contains information that the following groups can access:

Additionally, there is a separate section called Featured Resources, which everyone should utilize. The DOL believes that the webpages listed above can support steps to increase the participation of people with disabilities in CIE.

Indeed, the Hub is part of the DOL’s Office of Disability Employment Policy’s (ODEP’s) broader effort to promote competitive integrated employment. Particularly, through various innovative initiatives, ODEP collaborates with federal partners, states, and employment service providers to enhance opportunities for disabled people to participate and excel in competitive integrated employment.

Employer Takeaways

In conclusion, the recent opening of the Hub provides essential information to employers regarding hiring and retaining people with disabilities. All businesses subject to state, federal, or local laws regarding disability discrimination must comply with their legal duty to provide reasonable accommodations to qualified individuals with a disability upon request, barring undue hardship to the business. According to the DOL’s Assistant Secretary for Disability Employment Policy, Taryn M. Williams, “Employers need support regarding accommodations and inclusive policies and practices. The Competitive Integrated Employment Transformation Hub is a central tool they can all rely on for help.”